Friday, April 27, 2012

Chapters 21-23 Free April 29, 2012

Hey everyone!

It was presumptuous of me to think that I could finish all of the chapters so quickly.  I’m sorry for the delay but if I rush through the last seven or eight chapters they will be terrible.  I just posted chapters 21 through 23.  I am still working on the remaining seven or eight chapters.  The chapters will be free on Sunday.  Please hang in there with me.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chapters 2-5 Free

Hello Everyone,

I've added chapter 2 to chapters 3-5 and it will be free tomorrow 04/15/2012 and one other day next week.  A few of the other chapters will also be free just in case you're missing any.  Thanks again for sticking with me while I work out the kinks in the story.  I know you all understand how detrimental discouraging words can be to a new writer.  I appreciate all of your support.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapters 19-20 (Free 4/12/2012)

Hey Everyone,
I hope you all had a good Easter.  I've finished chapter 19 and I'm nearly done with chapter 20.  I will post it some time later tonight or tomorrow.  I will also post part 2 which will be chapters 11-20.  It's Leila's birthday and there will be lots of family craziness.  Amy and Samantha reappear in the story.  Someone's going to be expecting before the end of the story but it may not be who you think.  Keep reading and keep the comments coming.  I love hearing from you!