Friday, May 18, 2012

Sneak Preview Chapter 27

I'm trying to get chapter 27 out tonight.  No later than tomorrow.  Here is a sneak preview below.  I hope all is well.

Chapter 27
Guess Whos Coming to Dinner

My relationship with Tucker has been like a dream.  A dream that I didnt know I wanted until it fell into my lap.  Hes handsome, smart, kind and sexy as hell.  Everything seemed to be going perfectly.  It was all too good to be true so I should have expected a homicidal maniac to step in and disrupt the balance.  Tucker, Shauna and I are sitting in the living room waiting for my mom and dad to come out of the bed room. I was so distraught after hearing that Im being stalked by a lunatic that I couldnt finish my breakfast this morning.  I insisted that we pack our things and come here. 
My mom strolls out of her room running her fingers through her damp curls. I nearly walked in on them doing it a few minutes ago so she looks a little flush.  Tucker stands up to hug her.  You remember Tuckers sister Shauna from the party, I say, although I cant remember if they were ever introduced.
Yes.  She and I had a long talk about you two after you disappeared last night.  Tuckers face turns bright red. 
Sarah, Nickie, Keisha and Pookie are on the way, I say changing the subject
 Alright, She says.  Come into the kitchen and Ill fix you all something to eat.  You have to be hungry.  We follow her to the kitchen and she starts pulling out platters of leftovers.  We all turn when we hear the front door open.  Tucker is instantly on the defense.   He leaps up with his fists balled.  Why are you so jumpy?  Sit down boy, My mom says swatting him with a dish towel.  He returns to the chair where he was sitting.  I walk over and stand in front of him.  I feel badly for being so mean earlier.  I know that he was only trying to protect me.  He holds onto my waist and rests his head on my chest.  Hes always trying to protect me I think to myself as I brush my hand over his hair.
Is anyone home, Sarahs voice rings out across the living room.  She and Nogood are walking hand and hand.  He is nearly unrecognizable in his dark chinos and white button down.  I had never really notice before but Nogood is actually handsome.
You clean up well, I say.
Well look at you two, my mother says smiling.  Sarah is beaming with pride.  In just a few days shes managed to get Nogood to look like a man rather than a-wanna-be thug.  I guess my grandma Bess was right sometimes it just takes the right woman to bring the good out in a man. 
Sarah releases Nogoods hand, hugs my mother and wave hello to Shauna.  So whats up?  Why did you need us to get over here in such a hurry? Nogood says.
Well talk when everyone gets here.
Oh my goodness are you pregers? Sarah squeals.  If you are please stay away from me.  It might be contagious.  My mother stops whats shes doing and looks over at me.
No Im not pregnant.  I jump up and down on one foot after having sex.  Its a fool proof birth control method.  Shauna laughs but everyone else just stares at me blankly.  It was a joke.  Im not pregnant, jeez.

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