Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chapter 29 Free Part 3 Posted

Chapter 29 will be free tomorrow 05/30/2012.  I have also posted part 3.  It is a shorter section so I set the price at $1.99 Rather than $3.98.  I hope a few of you are still hanging in there with me.  I haven't looked at the download reports because they freak me out.  There will be a part four to the story.  I have not uncovered who Leila's stalker is (trust me it's not who you think).  We still don't know what Nickie is going to do about school and we need to find out if she actually is pregnant.  I want to cover all of the side relationships: Keisha and Doug, Nickie and Mike, Sarah and Nogood.  I also need to go into further detail about Pookie and his new family.  I have a lot more story to write but I can see the end and I hope you'll all stick around to find out what happens.

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