Saturday, June 2, 2012

The End of the Story Finally! Part 4 Free

I will post the entire completed book this week once I'm done editing.  I don't know if I would have finished the story if it hadn't been for all of your encouragement.  I will continue to make the chapters free until the completed book is posted.   I will also make part four free for all of you who have been following. Once the entire book is posted I will delete most of the individual chapters.

It's taken longer than I anticipated (you know life responsibilities; husband, kids, family etc. all take precedence) but I want to thank all of you for motivating me to keep going.

Just a side note.  The next story will be about Nickie and her life and I will not be posting chapters.  It was an ill conceived idea.  All the best!  Kim


  1. As a person who had already purchased the majority of the individual chapters to Love Like This I was wondering if you will be releasing the final chapter as an individual purchase. I saw that the entire "book" is available, but as a loyal reader I really don't want to shell out $3 now to essentially repurchase all the chapters that I have, plus the new one, especially if Tucker and Leila's story doesnt really end with this chapter (as some of the reviews suggest). Just asking. Thanks.

  2. Hi Marrissa,

    I've released chapters 1-34 for free. However, the last few chapters were only available for a short time. The first book ends at chapter 34. Please email me at and let me know what chapters you're missing. I'd be happy to send them to you directly and thank you so much for being a loyal reader. That means a lot to me!

    All the best,